Radio Control Cars – Gas or Electric?

We have to face the fact that technology is developing faster with every new day, and this leads to the creation of many new companies that are dealing with tech-related items. However, when we talk about electric and gas powered rc cars, it looks like there is no company that is as famous as Traxxas. In that honor, I have decided to write something more about them, and by reading this I hope that you’re going to get more familiar with one of the biggest names in radio controlled models business.


Traxxas is a company with its headquarters in Texas, USA. Although they are maybe most famous for their rc cars, this company manufactures much more. They are producing rc boats and aircrafts of all shapes and sizes as well. This company was founded in 1986. From the beginning itself, their idea was to produce rc gas car models that could be used without previous assembling.

At that time, this was something innovative, but today we all know that they were actually talking about Ready To Run (RTR) models. First models released from Traxxas factory were electric powered rc cars, and they were including buggy and stadium track cars. While these models were released in 1987, company continued developing their technology and two years later, they introduced their first radio controlled boat. Next big breakthrough was in 1992, when they released RTR nitro model, first of that kind from their company. In 1999, Traxxas introduced their first ever monster truck, and finally, in 2012 they released first rc aircrafts (helicopter and quadcopter). Today, they are one of the leading companies in electric and gas powered rc cars designing. Now, let’s see on-road models produced by this huge manufacturer.

 Traxxas Electric RC Cars

-Funny car was released in 2012. This model comes with ET-3s brushless power system, and uses 3S LiPo battery. It is considered that this rc model can reach the speed of 70 Mph.


Traxxas Nitro 4TecNitro 4-Tec was released for the first time in 1998, it is touring car featuring four-wheel drive and it is powered by nitro. Its engine also featured automatic transmission. Nitro 4-Tec was rebranded in 2006, in a form of Nitro 4-Tec 3.3. This time, it featured larger TRX 3.3 nitro engine. Also, some new graphics were included, together with almost completely changed appearance. Officially, the speed of Nitro 4-Tec 3.3 exceeds 70 Mph, and because of this it is the fastest nitro rc car ever produced by Traxxas. However, this potential speed can be even more increased because Traxxas is always offering new equipment that is made for sole purpose of speed enhancing.


Traxxas XO-1XO-1 holds a few records inside Remote Control Traxxas Cars. First of all, it can develop pan incredible speed of 100 Mph, and this is due to special parts that were designed exclusively for improving stability and reducing of the drag. Traxxas went so far that they even made a new special transmitter for it, allowing it to be connected with iPhone or iPod, and this leads to better real-time steering. However, XO-1 can’t reach its top speed unless this option is unlocked with the help of Apple device. Also, it is largest electric rc car coming from Traxxas.